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Pain Patch Maximum Strength, Pain Relieving Patch, Back Pain Patches, Muscle And Joint Pain Relief Patch, 10 patches


Are you aware of how many people are in pain right this minute? Low back pain, knee pain, headaches, hip pain, and the list goes on. I bet you know someone who is suffering from back or muscle pain right now. People are not only suffering from pain, but constant pain is putting a lot of extra stress on the body. Stress causes inflammation in the body. Long term inflammation causes damage to tissues in the body. This will cause pain in the body.
Do you want pain relief but prefer to stay away from taking medications? This 2.75 x 4-inch pain patches may work for you. It is great for relieving simple back pain as well as Joints, Hip, Neck, Headache, Shoulder, Knee, Muscles, Tendon and Foot pains. The back patches for pain provide you fast, but temporary relief. With its capsicum extract, menthol, and camphor, the ingredients on the patch quickly penetrate the skin once it is applied. It immediately stimulates blood circulation in the affected area. The initial effect is warm and soothing. The pain relief patch can be worn underneath your clothing without worrying about greasy residue or stain. 

No harmful drugs or chemicals – You won’t be putting any chemicals into your body. The capsicum patches maximum strength is safe and not addictive.
Ultra Strength - Pain relieving patches provide concentrated, deep, penetrating heat in a self-adhesive heating patch that targets your pain so you have more flexibility and mobility in your muscles and joints.
Muscle Soreness & Joint Pain Relief: Whether you suffer from shoulder pain, foot pain, sore muscles, back pain, neck pain, or knee pain, our muscle, and joint pain relief patch will help you find temporary pain relief, with long-lasting patches. These pain relief patches get deep within the exact area of the pain source, putting all of its power where it needs to be.
No side effect - This heat patches for pain relief holds a lot of power that gets right to the source of the pain and inflammation. There are no adverse side effects because the ingredients consist of natural remedies and it targets localized areas unlike what you could potentially receive from medications. You only get amazing pain relief quickly and efficiently.
The patches work in minutes – Within a short amount of time, your pain should already be decreasing, sometimes disappearing entirely within a very short amount of time. You can be waiting a long time for pills to enter your system but this muscle pain relief is fast-acting and gets to work as soon as you put it on your skin.