Skin Tag and Acne Patches

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  • Naturally Heals Skin Tag - The concentrated liquid on our fast-acting blemish patches includes tree tea oil, calendula oil. Suitable for all skin types and cost-effective. This hydrocolloid acne patch is enriched with natural and homeopathic ingredients for pain-free removal.
  • Fast and Effective - You can finally remove unwanted skin tags which will eventually dry and then fall off. When the color changes or dries completely, you can replace it with another spot treatment.
  • Contains 108 Piece of Acne and Skin Tag Remover - Saluvera skin tags removal products consist of 108 pads. This is more than enough for multiple treatments. Firmly position the proactive emergency blemish treatment patch over the skin tag. The mole remover will stick to the skin when it is placed correctly.
  • Easy to Use - Cleanse and dry your hands or face before you apply the cystic acne treatment. Put the acne patches for face, tap on it gently a few times to stick tight. The acne treatment for face can be done twice a day. After some minute, the mole will dry out and fall off. Then you notice a bright and beautiful skin.
  • Safe - Our skin tag removal patches are made of all-natural ingredients that are safe on all kinds of skin. No scary, no burning, non-toxic. Safe for you. Furthermore, our skin tag removal kit is suitable not only for women but for men & children as well.